Cardly raises $230,000 to tackle the $17 billion global greeting card market

Dominic Powell | SmartCompany

For Cardly co-founder Patrick Gaskin, the unassuming industry of greeting cards is a gold mine of opportunity.

It’s not just the potential $17 billion market across the US, UK, and Australia, he says. It’s also the growing desire from individuals and businesses to return to more personal forms of correspondence, without the hassle.

“People want to show they care, and express themselves in a more meaningful way. But they want to do it without having to get in a car and drive to the newsagents,” Gaskin told StartupSmart.

That’s what Gaskin and his co-founder Tom Clift sought to change when launching design startup Cardly at the end of 2015. The business provides a way for consumers to purchase and write in digital greeting cards, which are then printed out and sent to the recipients in a process handled entirely by the startup.

Compared to this time last year, Gaskin says Cardly has grown more than 10 times in terms of volume and sales, which are on track to be in the hundreds of thousands this year.

The co-founder’s origins are rooted in the newsagency sector, with his father creating the SupaNews newsagent chain, which stretched to 50 stores across Australia and revenue in excess of $140 million in its heyday. But despite the obvious link to greeting cards, Gaskin says his experience in previous roles with Samsung and his own digital agency all contributed to the birth of Cardly.

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Source: Cardly raises $230,000 to tackle the $17 billion global greeting card market