99 Reasons to Kill Your Dream? Accept the 1

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You’re never going to be original, but that doesn’t matter anyway.

Do you ever find yourself pondering the possibilities? Asking, “what if I did this?” or “what if I tried that?” Of course you have. You’re an ambitious person. I know you’ve got big ideas.


Hypotheticals race through my head on the reg. One small detail can send my mind off into a quintessential daydream.

I’m often preoccupied with the edges of my own knowledge; I always feel this need to push further.

I think we all do.

People are inherently progressive—well, in the sense we need to gradually develop overtime and challenge ourselves. You and I share this yearning to improve. It just comes in different forms: to get smarter, healthier, wealthier, and so on.

How do we improve? Change. To grow, you have to be willing to try new things.

But you can’t just jump in and “try something” all haphazardly. No, no, no, that would be irrational! We are wired to be logical, calculated creatures.

This is where we run into trouble.

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Source: 99 Reasons to Kill Your Dream? Accept the 1