Are Mobile Apps the Future of Contraception?

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Amy Dawson | TECH.CO

Contraception is one of the most important issues to figure out to guarantee global health. And in the last few decades, innovations have made things a whole lot easier.

When the pill launched in 1960, it revolutionized society. Now a new wave of technology is changing the way we see contraception: mobile apps. And now, the fertility femtech space is booming.

App-Based Birth Control

Almost 12 million women in the United States take the pill. Nevertheless, many women, particularly those who live in rural areas, or in states where access to birth control is impeded by legislature, find it difficult to get hold of.

That’s where a whole host of new digital ventures – including Lemonaid, Prjkt Ruby and Nurx – come in handy. These now provide women all over the US with prescriptions, following an online or video consultation. Some will even deliver birth control directly to your door.

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Source: Are Mobile Apps the Future of Contraception?