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DMarket Announces Partnership with Xsolla | #VentureCanvas | Bitcoinist

November 23, 2017, Santa Monica, CA – DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based cross-game marketplace to turn virtual items into real assets, is pleased to announce its partnership with Xsolla, a global distributor and publisher of video games, providing game developers and publishers with advanced technical tools to optimize user acquisition and monetization efforts.

[Note: This is a press release.]

The DMarket Token will be included as one of Xsolla’s more than 700 payment options, and one of the new cryptocurrencies offered. The DMarket team will add to Xsolla’s big data and machine learning analytics of game sales, ultimately helping Xsolla’s developer and publisher partners to increase sales volumes and revenues. To maximize the benefits of the partnership, the parties will launch a number of exclusive cross-promotions within the global gaming community. Aleksandr Agapitov also joins the Advisory Board of DMarket.

“At Xsolla, we are committed to creating a win-win scenario where we go where the gamers are in supplying the best and most seamless gaming experiences while in turn benefiting our developers in reaching the most amount of gamers to discover, play and purchase in-game assets,” said Aleksandr Agapitov, CEO of Xsolla. “We believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies for trading in-game items, and we’re happy to partner with a promising project such as DMarket.”

Commenting on the partnership, DMarket’s CEO and Founder Volodymyr Panchenko added: “We’re happy to join forces with one of the most progressive companies in the gaming world. This partnership will definitely bring huge value to both companies as well as to the global gaming community.”

Currently, DMarket is holding its final token crowdsale, which will run through November 28. To date, DMarket has already raised over $15 million.

About Xsolla

Xsolla is a global distributor and publisher of video games, providing clients with advanced technical tools to expand their games’ potential reach worldwide. Focusing solely on the video games industry, Xsolla delivers an a la carte menu of global services — user acquisition, payment solutions, game store building and management, the #1 fraud protection in the gaming industry, international year-round customer support, worldwide marketing, and data analytics/visualization.

Leaving the creative to the developers/publishers, Xsolla complements their backend and frontend toolkits by building custom infrastructure solutions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices around the globe, Xsolla is a partner-centric company and operates as a merchant and seller of record for major gaming entities like Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Bluehole.

About DMarket

DMarket is the world’s first cross-game platform based on blockchain and smart contracts that enable one-click sale, exchange, or evaluation of any virtual item from any game on any platform. DMarket presented the Alpha/DEMO version of its future marketplace and blockchain testnet ( in October 2017.

For more information visit DMarket at

Images courtesy of DMarket

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Source: DMarket Announces Partnership with Xsolla

$220 Million Hedge Fund to Join the Bitcoin Craze | #VentureCanvas

Ashour Iesho | Bitcoinist

As Bitcoin prices continues to reach new highs, major investors are thinking about getting some skin in the cryptocurrency game.

From Gold to Bitcoin

From Gold to Bitcoin

Many finance and tech experts have recently called Bitcoin a “bubble” and “tulip mania 2.0” but Bitcoin has managed to thrive despite these heavy accusations, and this week it hit a new all-time high price.

Many investors and hedge funds are now planning to invest in Bitcoin, ICOs, and other cryptocurrencies. One of these funds is Old Mutual Gold & Silver, which oversees $220 million of precious metal equities. According to a recent Bloomberg article, the fund has started to invest in the digital currency since April 2017. The fund has been steadily investing at least 5% in Bitcoin and then uses the profits to invest in precious metals like gold and silver.

Ned Naylor-Leyland, Manager of Old Mutual Gold & Silver, stated following in the report:

Bitcoin was explicitly designed to be digital gold. So if you’re going to have a small proportion of a fund in bitcoin, it should be in a gold fund, because that’s exactly the point. It’s about bringing the ownership of disciplined money into the modern world. Bitcoin is paving the way for the reintroduction of gold as global money.

Their unique strategy seems to be paying off since the cryptocurrency managed to climb from April’s price of $1240 to today’s $8203, which equals an impressive increase of over 550%.

Bitcoin: A New Investment Opportunity for Hedge Funds?

Bitcoin: A New Investment Opportunity for Hedge Funds?

Since Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, many investors have now started to primarily focus on cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. Cryptocurrencies have given many investors stock and gold investors ‘fresh air’, and many experts believe that the market will grow even bigger in the next couple of months.

The famous investor Mike Novogratz, recently forecasted that Bitcoin may rise up to $10,000 and Ethereum as high as $500 by this year’s end. Analysts believe that once Bitcoin futures hit the markets, more institutional investors will pour their money into it and other digital assets.

What are your thoughts on Old Mutual Gold & Silver’s decision to invest in cryptocurrencies? Do you think that in the future more funds will start investing into cryptocurrencies? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Bloomberg/Simon Dawson

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Source: $220 Million Hedge Fund to Join the Bitcoin Craze

White Supremacists And Neo-Nazi Groups Ethereum tokens are Shunned by Community | #VentureCanvas

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Neo-Nazi and racist groups are ramping up their use of cryptocurrencies for transactions. For these outliers of society, bitcoin has been the go-to currency for a long time now. But that is soon set to change with their rapid adoption of blockchain-based ERC20 tokens instead.

Crypto Community Fights Back

White supremacists have also taken it upon themselves to create new digital tokens that often have derogatory and racist names. Waves delisted the coin in question here, but some of these tokens rely on the Ethereum blockchain. In response, Vinay Gupta, launch co-coordinator for the currency, condemned their actions on several occasions.

In response to his comments, The Daily Stormer, an infamous neo-Nazi website accused him of censorship and made several unfounded accusations towards other Ethereum pioneers.

In the past, Andrew Aurenheimer, CTO of The Daily Stormer, has gone as far as claiming that Jews have too much influence in the blockchain industry. Similar claims about alleged Jewish involvement in Bitcoin can be found throughout the internet.

In October, grabbed headlines following a tweet that indicated the percentage of women using the website. Social justice groups were quick to act upon this information, while on the other end of the spectrum, some men criticized the tweet for being too feminist.

Social Issues in the Cryptocurrency Market

A range of social issues plagues the cryptocurrency market. The popularity of Ethereum is not limited to a small tangent of racist and neo-Nazi groups though. Over the years, cryptocurrencies have taken a lot of flak for being associated with criminal activity, with bitcoin being the worst offender in this regard.


Given that digital currencies, in general, thrive on concepts of anonymity and decentralization, dubious actors have begun showing interest in them. Bitcoin’s rising popularity among criminals has not gone unnoticed by the world at large either. Cryptocurrency critics, most notably the CEO of JP Morgan, often bring this point up.

In 2013, Silk Road, an online drug marketplace, was shut down by the FBI and a whopping 144,000 bitcoins were seized in subsequent raids. The incident was and still is, the most significant affiliation of organized crime within the cryptocurrency market.

On the other hand, the lack of control over cryptocurrency use can have positive effects too. Digital currencies can provide respite to countries where existing economies have collapsed. Investors from Zimbabwe, a country that has been experiencing economic turmoil and hyperinflation since 2009, have recently turned to bitcoin instead.

Core Community Remains Unaffected

Ethereum is seeing a creeping number of white supremacist and racist groups taking an interest in it. However, it is extremely doubtful that the core community will deviate from the currency’s principles of anti-censorship and right to exist. The Ethereum platform was introduced as one that would not back down from diversity.

While the actions of these groups may be considered appalling by most people, they are undeniably one of the target audiences to which appeal cryptocurrencies. Despite organized crime and racism affecting public perception of the cryptocurrency market, it is unlikely that the industry will suffer significant negative repercussions. After all, the technology has been specifically designed to be agnostic of its use and there is a clear demarcation between promoting free speech and the act of preventing the use of technology that carries malicious intent.

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Source: White Supremacists And Neo-Nazi Groups Ethereum tokens are Shunned by Community

Cryptojacking Script Found in Live Help Widget, Impacts Around 1500 Sites | #VentureCanvas

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Security is a round-the-clock affair. Instead of spending Thanksgiving with family and friends, Las Vegas-based security researcher Troy Mursch was busy all day digging into the code of hundreds of websites to discover the source of a massive cryptojacking campaign that was set in motion today.

Speaking to Bleeping Computer, Mursch said he found a copy of the Coinhive in-browser cryptocurrency miner inside one of the JavaScript files used by LiveHelpNow, a live chat and support widget that was being loaded on the sites he investigated.

Coinhive via LiveHelpNow widget on Everlast website

It is unclear if the service has been hacked or the file was altered by a rogue employee looking for a way to boost his personal Monero funds. A LiveHelpNow spokesperson was not on hand to comment, being Thanksgiving, and all.

Whoever masterminded this campaign is a genius. According to PublicWWW, nearly 1,500 sites are loading the LiveHelpNow’s widget and most are online shops or homepages for private businesses.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, millions of users will be heading to some of these sites looking for deals. Furthermore, there is a low chance that there’s someone watching the affected sites to remove the LiveHelpNow widget.

PublicWWW data

The two biggest names on the list of sites loading the LiveHelpNow widget, where the cryptojacking behavior has been confirmed, are retail store chains Crucial and Everlast.

Users accessing these two sites —or any of the rest— will see their CPU usage skyrocket as the Coinhive script will start mining Monero for another party.

The Coinhive mining script is hidden inside this URL (off-site copy here):

LiveHelpNow script laced with Coinhive

Both Mursch and Bleeping Computer have observed a weird behavior in the script’s mode of operation. Not all users accessing these sites will receive a copy of the Coinhive-infected LiveHelpNow script from the get-go. The script loads at random, and you may need to refresh the page before the cryptojacking behavior starts.

“Not sure they are trying to be stealthy or rate limiting of some kind or something,” Mursch told Bleeping Computer.

Nonetheless, the cryptojacking behavior (abusive mining of cryptocurrencies inside browsers without users’ consent) is untethered, meaning the script will gobble up all the available CPU resources, driving CPU usage to 100%, producing unnecessary wear and tear on visitors computers.

Hiding a Coinhive script in a live chat and support widget is not the first clever use of an in-browser miner. Last week, a crook appeared to have hijacked the domain of an EU cookie consent script and used it to deploy a copy of the Crypto-Loot miner to a few hundred sites.

Overall, cryptojacking has been the most popular malware trends this fall. Malwarebytes ranked a “cryptojacking gold rush” as the number one security prediction for 2018.

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Source: Cryptojacking Script Found in Live Help Widget, Impacts Around 1500 Sites

South Korea to Remain Laissez Faire on Bitcoin, According to FSS | #VentureCanvas

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Vietnam became the latest nation state to launch an attack on cryptocurrency, as regulators sided with the alarmists without providing much of a rationale.

Vietnam Issues Ban

The ban, which applies to all cryptocurrencies not deemed legal tender, was issued via formal statement by the State Bank of Vietnam. The punishment for accepting or offering payments in bitcoin can run more than $8,000 USD.

Vietnam’s central bank says only traditional forms of payment are accepted within its borders. This includes cash, checks, credit cards and other electronic payments.

The state-run bank has issued the following statement, according to Mirror:

“Bitcoin virtual currency and other similar is not lawful means of payment in Vietnam; The issuance, supply, use of bitcoin and other similar virtual currency as a means of payment is prohibited in Vietnam.”

The announcement, whenever it was made, had very little impact on cryptocurrency trading. At press time, bitcoin (BTC/USD) was trading at $6,162 for a gain of $57.

The bulls blew the door wide open this weekend, sending bitcoin north of $6,300 for the first time ever.

Chinese Ban? Let’s Move to Hong Kong

Now that China’s Communist Party gathering has come and gone, sanity appears to be returning to public discourse. That is, according to a recent report from CNLedger, which our pals at recently covered.  The trusted news sources have revealed that OKEX is expected to launch its peer-to-peer OTC bitcoin trading platform shortly.

As it turns out, OKEX and several other leading blockchain companies like BTCC and Huobi-Pro are located in Hong Kong. Theoretically, their presence in the Special Administrative Region allows them to circumnavigate the mainland’s recent ban on everything crypto-related.

It should be noted that OKEX is offering a bitcoin-to-crypto trading platform. Regardless of what Beijing thinks, it might not be a good idea to launch this platform on the mainland. That’s because the Chinese government recently blocked a major port for MetaTrader4, which is the engine of the online forex community.

Regulators have apparently shut down port ‘443’, which is used for secure web browser communications. The port also happens to be the one MT4 brokers use to connect to their trading server.

The port probably inhibits the government’s ability to spy on traders, or at least monitor their data flows (like that’s different?). There’s reason to believe this ban could extend to other trading platforms that utilize a similar standard.

Last month, China broadened its online censorship by blocking WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform acquired by Facebook for way too much. The ban was another blow to the social networking giant, as it too is banned on the mainland.

Featured  image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Source: South Korea to Remain Laissez Faire on Bitcoin, According to FSS

2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler Neler? | #VentureCanvas

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2018’in dijital trendleri neler olacak?

Dijital Dönüşüm Yapmak isteyen firmalar dikkat, 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler Neler? Dijital Pazarlama Alanında Mobil Uygulamaların Önemi?

Dijital Dönüşüm Danışmanı ve Me Consultancy kurucusu Murat Erdör; 2018 yılında dijital alanda öne çıkacak trendleri açıkladı. Trendlerle ilgili bilgi veren Murat Erdör, tüm dünyada öğrenmeye programlanmış yazılımların ve mobil kullanımının hızla artmasının; yaklaşık 2.5 milyar insanın aktif olarak kullandığı sosyal medya ağlarının çoğalmasının, nesnelerin interneti ve yapay zeka gibi teknolojilerdeki büyük yükselişin;  2018 yılında dijital alandaki pazarlama uygulamalarının önemini daha da artıracağının altını çizdi.

2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler Listesi
Fijital Pazarlama

Dünya’da bu süreç yaklaşık beş sene önce başlamış olsa da Türkiye‘de fijital kavramının geçmişi henüz çok yeni. Yaklaşık 3-4 senedir Türkiye‘de konuşulan fijital kavramı, fiziksel ile dijital deneyimleri harmanlayarak tüketiciye en doğru yoldan ve ölçümlenebilir şekilde ulaşılmasını sağlayacak yöntemlerden biri olacak.

Yapay Zeka

Yapay Zeka Artık birçok alanda hizmet vermeye başlayan makineler ve yazılımlar da, tıpkı canlılar gibi topladıkları verileri işleyerek yeni şeyler öğreniyorlar. Öğrenen makinelere en yakın örneği, hemen her gün girdiğiniz Facebook. Yazılım, okuma alışkanlıklarınızı, kimin profilinde daha fazla vakit geçirdiğinizi, hangi gruplara ya da sayfalara yorum yaptığınızı sürekli kontrol ederek öğrenme sürecini geliştiriyor. Gelecek yıllarda Facebook örneğinde olduğu üzere öğrenmeye programlanmış yazılımların sayısı giderek artacak. Bu yazılımlar pazarlama ve dijital sektörler başta olmak üzere, birçok sektörün hedef kitlelerini doğru tespitine bir adım daha yaklaşılmasına olanak sağlayacak.

Mesajlaşma Aplikasyonları

MIRC ile başlayan mesajlaşma geleneği, son dönemde Whatsapp ile hızla yükselişini sürdürüyor. Dünya genelinde aynı anda milyarlarca ileti bir kullanıcıdan, kullanıcı ya da kullanıcılara iletiliyor. Baş döndürücü sayıların olduğu bu alanda mesajlaşma aplikasyonlarının sayısının ve içerisindeki reklam alanlarının artması bekleniyor.

Live streaming videolar

İçerik her zaman kraldı ancak şimdi videolu içerikler daha da bir kral. Tüm sosyal medya platformlarının “live streaming” destekli bir altyapıya dönmeleri ile birlikte “izle ve geç” kavramı bu alanda iyice oturmaya başlayacak. Facebook‘un ardından Twitter‘ın da video içeriklerine dair düzenlemeleri, kullanıcıların ve bu alana ilgi duyan markaların daha sık şekilde video paylaşmalarını sağlayacak.

AR Pazarlama – 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler  

Augmented Reality (Artırılmış Gerçeklik) son zamanların öne çıkan, pazarlama ve reklam sektörlerinin popüler konularından biri. Cihazların cisim tanıma özelliği kullanılarak, sanal nesnelerin gerçek görüntülerin üzerine bindirilmesi olarak tanımlayabileceğimiz Artırılmış Gerçeklik; müşterilerle bağlantı kurma ve katılımı artırma açısından yenilikçi ve yaratıcı bir yol olarak kabul ediliyor. Bu teknolojinin yaratacağı pazarın, 2022 yılına kadar 117.4 milyar dolara ulaşması bekleniyor.

Kısa Süreli İçerik – 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler

Periscope ile başlayan ve Snapchat, Scorp gibi uygulamalarla devam eden kısa süreli içerik kavramı, sosyal medyaya yön vermeye devam edecek. Paylaşılan içeriklerin belirli bir süre ile yayında kalması, markaların da stratejilerini bu hızlı tüketim çağına göre düzenlemesini gerektiriyor. Facebook‘un canlı yayınları, Instagram Stories gibi uygulamalar “hızlı ve sonlu içerik” kavramını destekliyor.

VR Pazarlama – 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler

Son dönemde teknolojisi ve popülerliği iyiden iyiye artan Virtual Reality (Sanal Gerçeklik) ve 360 derecelik videolar sayesinde pazarlama uzmanları; hedef kitleleri ile nasıl empati kuracaklarını ve onların davranış biçimlerini nasıl daha iyi anlayacakları öğrenmeye çalışıyorlar. Müşteriye sunulacak deneyimin önceden görülmesine ve hissedilmesine olanak sağlayacak sanal gerçeklik deneyimleri sayesinde birçok kurum; müşterisiyle daha sıkı bağlar kurma yoluna gidecek.

Chatbots – 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler

Yapay zeka formlarının hayatlarımıza girmesi şeklinde tanımlayabileceğimiz Chatbotslar, telefon ve bilgisayarlarımızı kullanma biçimimizi kesin olarak değiştirecek gibi gözüküyor. Chatbotslar, gelecekte kullanıcıların söylediklerini çok kısa sürede analiz edecek ve kullanıcıların isteklerini yerine getirmek için onları yönlendirecek uygulamalar olarak daha fazla hayatımıza girecek.

Sanal Paralar – 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler

Baş döndürücü düzeydeki hızlı yükselişiyle sanal paranın web dünyasında popüler olmasına yol açan Bitcoin, hiçbir merkezi otoriteye bağlı olmamasıyla dikkat çekiyor.

Adını sıkça duysak da Bitcoin tek dijital para birimi değil. Günümüzde Bitcoin dışında oldukça popüler hale gelen ve altocin olarak adlandırılan Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Primecoin, Zcash gibi birçok yeni sanal para birimi mevcut. Bitcoin ve altcoin gibi sanal paralar popülerliklerini artıracak ve dijital alanın yükselen trendleri olmayı sürdürecek.

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Source: 2018 Yılında Dijital Alanda Öne Çıkacak Trendler Neler?

Litecoin Investing Made Easy – Buy Litecoin Now & Hold | #VentureCanvas

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At present, Litecoin value forecasts for the near future are holding steady at approximately $119 per coin. What people looking to buy Litecoin really need to be looking at, however, are past Litecoin price predictions. The benefit of hindsight, after all, is the only real way to get an accurate picture of where Litecoin might be going both short and long-term.

Recent Litecoin Price Predictions & Their Investment Significance

As recently as October, analysts at Coindesk were forecasting that a Litecoin price move to $60 looked unlikely. In like regard, early November saw The Merkle, cautiously predict that Litecoin value per coin might reach $70 by the end of 2017. At the time of writing, however, Litecoin has already hit a new $75 benchmark.

Of course, no one can fault the accuracy of Litecoin analysis undertaken by the likes of Coindesk. At present, however, undervaluations and caution regarding future Litecoin value predictions are starting to look startlingly like many past Bitcoin price predictions.

Is The Litecoin Actually Undervalued?

When looking to buy Litecoin or any other form of digital currency, it’s easy to start basing investment decisions solely on reporting from authoritative sources such as Coindesk. In reality, however, leading cryptocurrency analysts rarely look at how a digital currency like Litecoin might be innovating. What is more, this is the single biggest reason why many people don’t buy in as early as they should to coins like Litecoin, Dash, and XEM in the first place.

Litecoin Isn’t Just Innovating – It’s Redefining The Cryptocurrency Market

Understanding why Litecoin will likely smash through even the most conservative $119 springtime 2018 price predictions is simple. Throughout 2017, Litecoin has invested in the development of the digital currency’s new Atomic Swap capabilities. This is a unique feature which in future, will allow holders of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and all Bitcoin derivatives, to instantly convert digital currency holdings to Litecoin.

Of course, people can already (almost) instantly exchange Bitcoin to Litecoin via third-party exchanges like Shapeshift. What Atomic Swaps do, however, is provide a way to dramatically reduce exchange and transaction costs. The future of Litecoin is subsequently one in which holders of any leading cryptocurrency will use and transact with that currency via Litecoin.

Looking to Buy Litecoin? – Here’s The Biggest Reason You Should Invest Now

Do you routinely wake up in cold sweats as you realize with ever more nightmarish hindsight, that yes, you should have bought into that weird thing called Bitcoin a few years ago? Well, if so, you might want to start taking a close look at Litecoin.

While purely speculative, there is one reason over and above every other why buying Litecoin now is likely a good idea. Litecoin, to put it simply, is still priced at point which makes the digital currency easy for even entry-level investors to buy into early at. What is more, Far Eastern digital currency investors have already realized this.

Buy Litecion & Hold – It Couldn’t be Easier

The biggest winners in the Bitcoin trading arena are/were those who invested in Bitcoin when tokens could still be picked up for $100 and less. What needs to be remembered, in this case, is that cryptocurrencies overall are still being used (and invested in) by less than 1% of the population.

With a new U.S. dollar debt crisis on the horizon and increasing interest in digital currency by millennials, prices of digital assets like Litecoin will skyrocket at some point, as the cryptocurrency market itself continues to grow. The only question is, are you prepared to buy Litecoin and hold now? Or in 5-years time, might you be having another Bitcoin moment?

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Source: Litecoin Investing Made Easy – Buy Litecoin Now & Hold

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs | #VentureCanvas

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Markets and Prices

With bitcoin currently consolidating above $8000 USD after establishing an all-time high of nearly $8400 USD, some liquidity has shifted towards the altcoin markets. This has resulted in several major altcoins setting record dollar-value highs despite holding relatively modest prices when paired with bitcoin. Today, Ethereum set a new all-time high of approximately $420 USD, with prices surpassing $400 USD. Dash and Monero also set a new all-time high today, with Dash testing $600 USD for the first time before retracing to approximately $570 USD, and XMR currently trading for approximately $170 USD.

Also Read: Bitcoin Skeptics Just Too Old to Get Digital World, Says Hedge Fund Mogul Novogratz

Bitcoin Steadies After Dramatic Month

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD HighsAs of this writing, the price of a single bitcoin is approximately $8130 USD, following the establishment of a new all-time high of roughly $8380 USD earlier this week. The total market capitalization of bitcoin is over $136 billion USD, with 24-hour trading volume exceeding $4 billion USD.

Bitcoin experienced a dramatic November, with the markets falling by roughly 28% after setting the preceding high of $7890 USD at the beginning of the month. The dip comprised the largest red weekly candle in bitcoin’s history. However, after making a low of approximately $5450 USD, bitcoin quickly recovered to break above $8000 USD and produce its largest ever green weekly candle.

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs

With Bitcoin’s price movements calming in recent days, some liquidity has shifted into the altcoin markets – triggering the establishment of new all-time dollar highs in several major markets. Bitcoin’s market dominance is currently 53.1% – down approximately 5% from one week ago.

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs

Ethereum, Dash, and XMR Set New All-Time Highs

Ethereum gained approximately 13% to establish a new record dollar high today. The total market cap of Ethereum now exceeds $40 billion USD, with ETH currently trading at approximately $420 USD – up more than 30% since the start of the month. Earlier this week, Ethereum published the initial version of its Casper protocol update, which was first presented at Devcon3 earlier this month.

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs

Dash set a new record high today, currently trading at roughly $570 USD after testing $600 for the first time. Dash has rallied since breaking its preceding all-time high of approximately $400 USD on the 12th of November, after the release of Dash Core version 12.2 four days prior. Dash now has the fifth largest market capitalization with nearly $4.4 billion USD.

Monero also established a new all-time high today, with XMR currently trading at nearly $170. Monero is currently the 7th largest crypto market with a total capitalization of over $2.5 billion.

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs

Many Altcoin Markets Have Produced Significant Gains

Bitcoin Cash made gains of over 20% today, with BCH currently trading for $1550. The move comes after several days of consolidation between approximately $900 – $1300, which followed a more than 60% retrace from BCH’s all-time high of nearly $3000 USD earlier this month. Bitcoin Cash currently boasts the third largest cryptocurrency total capitalization with $26.5 billion USD.

Dogecoin was among the top performing markets today, gaining approximately 40% to trade at over $0.0021 USD. As of this writing, Dogecoin’s total market capitalization is $235 million USD.

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs

Zcash performed well during November and is currently trading at approximately $320 after increasing by over 50% this month. Grayscale Investments announced the launch of its Zcash Investment Trust towards the start of November which, following Edward Snowden’s recent praise of Zcash, has likely contributed to the bullish sentiment. Zcash is 15th largest cryptocurrency market with a total capitalization of almost $880,000. Litecoin also performed well this month, gaining by approximately 25% to trade at around $75 USD. Litecoin’s $4.1 billion USD market cap makes it the 6th largest cryptocurrency by total capitalization.

The High Dollar Value of Altcoins Can Be Attributed to Bitcoin’s Recent Bull-Trend

Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD HighsDespite several major cryptocurrencies establishing new record highs against the dollar, the majority of altcoins have experienced sustained downtrends since midway through 2017 when paired against bitcoin. Although many altcoin/bitcoin markets have seen significant price increases in recent days, whether or not the altcoin markets can sustain dollar gains independent of a rising bitcoin remains to be seen, with some analysts speculating that the recent Tether hack may have contributed to the recent rise in altcoin prices, arguing that traders may have been purchasing cryptocurrencies to reduce USDT exposure.

Do you think the altcoin markets are heating up for another boom, or will the current momentum quickly fizzle out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Tradingview, Coinmarketcap

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Source: Markets Update: Bitcoin Bull-Run Primes Altcoin Markets for New USD Highs

Litecoin & The EU’s New Crypto Mutual Funds | #VentureCanvas

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Litecoin (LTC) It is becoming increasingly apparent that every mainstream media outlet has an inherent bias toward the cryptocurrency market. This is because mainstream news outlets don’t just pan things like glowing Litecoin price predictions. As well as this, many agencies don’t even bother to report on the biggest cryptocurrency market news of any one moment.

French Bank to be the First to Offer Cryptocurrency Asset Management

Whilst not on the mainstream media news circuit just yet, what could be the biggest boost all year for the cryptocurrency market came yesterday, as French asset management firm Tobam, launched Europe’s first ever cryptocurrency mutual fund.

With the current Bitcoin value holding steady at over $8,000 per coin, Tobam has dared to counter traditional financial market skepticism, by creating Europe’s first officially approved cryptocurrency investment vehicle. What is more, many other investment fund managers are now already scrambling to create their own.

Tobam Might be First but it Certainly won’t be Last

Tobam might be the first of Europe’s investment banks to start offering digital asset investments but it certainly won’t be the last.

Traditionally, asset management firms like Tobam, manage funds on behalf of the super wealthy. This being the case, as soon they do something innovative like start banking on digital asset futures, it’s a certainty that other financial institutions will soon start doing the same. What is more, there is a lot of evidence that this is already happening.

At the time of writing, Chicago derivatives exchange CME is itself about to start trading of Bitcoin futures. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has already launched a very similar digital asset investment vehicle to that of Tobam. Even more impressively, though, Swiss Private Bank Falcon, has itself also recently started allowing it’s clients to invest directly in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Litecoin is Considered Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold for Very Good Reason

For people like Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, digital currency going

mainstream has always been more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if.’ What is more, because Lee predicts that Bitcoin will be the digital gold of the future, Litecoin has been developed specifically to be the equivalent of digital cash to that gold.

Litecoin value is pegged to Bitcoin in much the same way that the value of the U.S. Dollar is pegged to real-world precious metals. This being the case, the creation of a stamped and approved mutual fund in Europe, is just one more reason why people should buy Litecoin now if they really want to cash in on the cryptocurrency market in the long-term.

Buy Litecoin & Other Altcoins While There is Still Time

Given how unlikely it is that the current Bitcoin value will suddenly fall back and make the digital currency affordable for entry-level investors, people new to the crypto markets owe it to themselves to start taking a second look at altcoins like Litecoin.

Litecoin has been made ready for the kind of digital future which is already starting to take shape. The only question, in this case, is are you ready to banking on the same future that some of the biggest names in big finance already are?

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What Is the Tulip Mania ICO All About? | #VentureCanvas

JP Buntinx | The Merkel

TheMerkle Tulip mania ICo

One term we hear all too often in the cryptocurrency world these days is “tulip mania”. Financial experts from all over the world have claimed Bitcoin to be a bubble far bigger than the tulip mania many centuries ago. In a way, it is not surprising someone would capitalize on this trend by creating an actual Tulip Mania ICO. This new ERC20 token purportedly provides a high ROI and “will go to the moon” pretty quickly.

Getting in on the Tulip Mania Action

Although such “joke ICOs” are nothing new in the world of cryptocurrency, one has to admire the tongue-in-cheek attitude of this project. Ever since JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin worse than tulip mania, people have been looking for ways to capitalize on this statement in one way or another. That has not been easy, even though Bitcoin has done well for itself by setting new all-time highs in the wake of these ridiculous comments.

This is where the new Tulip Mania ICO comes into the picture. The project itself is a brand-new ICO involving an ERC20 token known as Bulb. The ICO started yesterday and will run until December 21st. We do advise people not to invest in it, though, as there is nothing attributing value to this token whatsoever. Despite only 10 million coins being created and a certain amount of potential in such a name, it is doubtful Bulb will ever amount to much. That being said, if enough people buy into the Tulip mania ICO, the price per Bulb will have to go up exponentially to keep up with demand. We do know all tokens are to be distributed once the ICO ends, which may make Christmas very profitable indeed for certain investors.

The goal of this project is to determine how far a coin can grow when its main “selling point” is marketing itself. In order to succeed, the coin’s visibility will need to be raised, which means we will see some advertising, promotions, and viral marketing. Secondly, the community will need to get more involved with this project in the coming weeks and months. It seems there will be some incentives and bounties issued in the form of Bulb tokens. That’s an interesting approach, although it remains to be seen whether or not this will yield any significant results.

On the Tulip Mania ICO roadmap, we see some interesting events planned for the future. The year 2018 will be all about creating a proper marketing attack plan and expanding into other markets. If these steps are successful, a value of at least US$5 per Bulb would not be out of the question. It will all heavily depend upon whether or not enough people get swept up in the Tulip Mania or not. It’s an aptly-chosen name; that much is evident.

In the end, there will always be people who have some very odd thoughts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Most of the value in these markets is based on speculation and hype, rather than solid fundamentals. If it were the other way around, Bitcoin would not necessarily be the world’s leading cryptocurrency right now. Then again, only time will tell how all those rankings will work themselves out in the end. To be sure, there’s a lot more to cryptocurrency than mere speculation.

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Erik Norland: 比特幣像黃金 良好貯藏手段 | #VentureCanvas

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Erik Norland 宏觀分析







比特幣這種加密貨幣的貨幣供應量增加擁有特別具體的流程──採用技術進行採礦,並設有諸多限制條件。對於比特幣來說,大部分「採礦」活動乃在中國發生。貨幣供應規則嚴格,表示如果需求增長,價格可能上漲,事實的確如此。有市場觀察家(例如經濟學家兼諾貝爾得獎人席勒(Robert Shiller))認為,比特幣價格的快速上升就像金融泡沫。不過,席勒亦表示從他的角度來看,黃金5000年來一直處於泡沫之中。








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Source: Erik Norland: 比特幣像黃金 良好貯藏手段

Ripple’s Market Price Value Increases Slowly While Getting Popular | #VentureCanvas

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The digital cryptocurrency Ripple continues making strides globally, and along with the popularity rising, so is the price. While the ever popular Bitcoin is already popular globally, we cannot forget the other digital currencies that are also rising, trying to compete and dethrone Bitcoin.

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange, and remittance network by Ripple. Ripple is also called the Ripple Transaction Protocol, abbreviated RTXP, and is built upon a distributed open source Internet protocol, consensus ledger, and native cryptocurrency called XRP (ripples). Ripple was first developed in 2004 by Ryan Fugger, a web developer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ripple was released in 2012, and enables secure, instant, and nearly free global financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks. For its core, Ripple is based around a shared, public database or ledger, using a consensus process, allowing for payments, exchanges, and remittance in a distributed process. Ripple is developed by Ripple Labs Inc., formerly known as Opencoin Inc.

Slow And Steady Growth

There is a saying, slow and steady wins the race, and this is exactly what Ripple is doing. The price market value of Ripple is growing slowly, and along with that, it is getting major exposure globally. For November 23, the Ripple price rose above $0.2300 against the United States dollar. The price after declining towards $0.2000 found support and since then moved higher, increasing above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.2680 high to 0.2048 low. Ripple is showing positive signs because the price is now placed well above the $0.2300 support and the 100 hourly simple moving average. While there is an upside, a downside is also along with it, and it is that the channel support at $0.2350 is very important. $0.2350 and $0.2300 can be considered as a good buy zone as long as the pair is above the 100 hourly SMA.

Bank Partnerships

Ripple is already connected with American Express, which the partnership is for Business to Business payments between US corporate and UK based customers, allowing all services to provide real-time trackable payments between customers. Ripple recently added a new connection with RAK Bank, a retail and business bank in UAE, allowing powerful cross-border payments to retail customers in India. RAK Bank is also known as the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah, an emirate in the UAE. Quoting from RAK Bank Chief Executive, Peter England, he mentioned regarding the connection with Ripple. Quoting, “By using Ripple’s Blockchain solution to power international payments, our customers can now send money home easily and in real time. Joining the Ripple network is in line with not only our Blockchain strategy, but it also allows us to expand our remittance footprint.”

Start Investing

If you are not yet investing on Ripple, you should because while it is growing at a slow pace, the cryptocurrency is getting popular globally. Here are several reasons regarding why you should ditch buying or selling on Bitcoin, and go to Ripple.

Ripple’s price market value was less than $0.5. While it is low, the price makes it more a reason to start investing because it’s a good place to start for investors who are just starting out and may not have a plethora of funds to pull out. All cryptocurrencies has a huge hurdle, which is acceptability by the general public and trust. Ripple is leading in this field with its payment platform being accepted and used by over 75 banks and financial institutions globally. Since Ripple is receiving huge trust, it’s positive signs for Ripple’s currency, driving its value higher. When it comes to transactions, speed is essential, and Ripple definitely has it. Ripple averages 3.7 seconds to settle a transaction. Lastly, Ripple provides many ways to be utilized, which the cryptocurrency does not require a third party and can sell and buy other cryptocurrencies on its network. This means that you can pay merchants with digital currency such as Bitcoins or XRP and have the merchant receive the payment in a currency of their choices such as in US dollars or the Euro, making it a universal platform for all other cryptocurrency owners.

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Source: Ripple’s Market Price Value Increases Slowly While Getting Popular

Анализ рынка: Ethereum обновляет максимумы, Litecoin демонстрирует силу | #VentureCanvas

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Рост альткоинов продолжился в этот четверг на фоне внушительных объёмов торгов. Сегодня произошёл ещё один значимый прорыв, на этот раз на рынке Ethereum. Litecoin также демонстрировал силу и протестировал ключевое сопротивление $75. Можно ожидать тестирования следующего уровня $82,50 в ближайшее время. Долгосрочная картина приближается к состоянию перекупленности, однако сохраняется краткосрочный и долгосрочный восходящий тренд. Поддержка – $64 и $56.


Ethereum обновил максимум, поднявшись выше уровня $400. Учитывая, как долго коин укреплялся перед этим рывком, можно ожидать продолжения роста. Долгосрочная картина пока не перекуплена, что позволяет рассчитывать на тестирование уровня $500. Поддержка – $400, $380 и $350.


Ripple также пытается демонстрировать силу, а Monero и Dash укрепляются ниже последних максимумов. IOTA остаётся в краткосрочной коррекции. Всё большее число альткоинов приближается к финальным стадиям текущего цикла, как и биткоин, но трейдеры по-прежнему могут находить возможности с привлекательным соотношением риск/награда.



Техническая картина для биткоина не меняется, и коин остаётся в узком канале немного ниже последнего максимума, несмотря на уверенный рост Bitcoin Cash. Долгосрочная картина, очевидно, перекуплена, а краткосрочная – нейтральна. Инвесторам и трейдерам следует ожидать более глубокой коррекции. Поддержка – $7700, $7000 и $6700.



Ripple поднялся выше уровня $0,25 и продолжает подавать смешанные сигналы. Коин ждёт крепкое сопротивление на уровнях $0,26 и $0,30. Поддержка – $0,2250, $0,20 и $0,18.



Dash продолжает укрепляться немного ниже последнего максимума. Долгосрочная картина становится перекупленной, хотя краткосрочный тренд по-прежнему направлен вверх. Поддержка – $500, $470 и $410-$400.



Monero держится ниже рекордно максимума. Сохраняется краткосрочный восходящий тренд. Коин может протестировать уровень $180, хотя и не сразу в силу перекупленности краткосрочного MACD. Долгосрочная картина выглядит обещающе, поэтому не стоит исключать возможности подъёма к уровню $200. Поддержка – $150 и $125.



IOTA подтвердил опасения по поводу краткосрочной коррекции и продолжает опускаться ниже. Хотя можно по-прежнему надеяться на достижение уровня $1,1, вероятность углубления коррекции возрастает ввиду долгосрочной перекупленности.



NEO продолжает укрепляться около поддержки $34, после того как откатился вниз. Краткосрочная картина нейтральна, что позволяет рассчитывать на подъём к уровням $40 и $50, учитывая положительный долгосрочный прогноз.

Ethereum Classic


Ethereum Classic продолжает торговаться около ключевой поддержки $18, оставаясь в краткосрочном восходящем тренде, несмотря на долгосрочную перекупленность. Главная цель – $23. Поддержка – $18 и $14,50.

Фото: Wit Olszewski

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Source: Анализ рынка: Ethereum обновляет максимумы, Litecoin демонстрирует силу

Don’t Ban Bitcoin – Russian Banker | #VentureCanvas

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Bitcoin and various altcoins have endured turbulent times in Russia as the government continually changes its stance on cryptocurrencies.

Last month, Russia announced that it would be issuing its very own cryptocurrency which would be regulated by its very own authorities. ‘Cryptoruble’ cannot be mined, but people would be able to trade the virtual currency with Russian Rubles.

A little over three weeks later, Russia’s communications minister Nikolay Nikiforov reiterated that Bitcoin trade would never be legalized in the country.

Russian statements

Despite all of this, there still seems to be a healthy appetite for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the country, with bank and financial institution heads making interesting statements on the subject.

German Gref, who is the head of Russian state bank Sberbank, believes that the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by the masses cannot be ignored:

“Virtual currencies are a natural outcome of Blockchain technology. We may ban them; we may welcome them. It is trendy to urge people not to play with them. But they are a fact of our life.”

While the man on the street openly buys and sells Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, most financial institutions and governments remain wary of virtual currencies.

However, Gref believes that apathy is slowly changing.

“Protectionism is just the first reaction of the state. However, both the institution of private money and the states, which will dare to change the way currency is issued, will eventually find a place for cryptocurrencies in the economy.”

Cryptoruble proves a point

The fact that the Russian government intends to issue its very own virtual currency proves that global institutions are more than aware of the applications of Blockchain technology.

The Russian government will also tax profits made on the sale of Cryptorubles. Herein lies the rub.

Cryptocurrencies cut out governments and banks and that is one of the biggest reasons why authorities are so opposed to virtual currencies.

It’s incredibly difficult to tax and make profit off cryptocurrencies, and that is the biggest hurdle standing in the way of legalizing virtual currencies in various countries.

Secret symbol № 3: L

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Source: Don’t Ban Bitcoin – Russian Banker

Wallet-Monero Is a New Website Attempting to Steal Your XMR | #VentureCanvas

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A lot of people have started paying attention to Monero as of late. This also means people are looking for proper wallets to store their XMR. Keeping funds on an exchange is absolutely not done in the world of cryptocurrency, as there is zero reason to do so. Unfortunately, not all Monero-themed wallets are legitimate either. Wallet-Monero, for example, is a pure scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Wallet-Monero is not an Official Project

When people enter the phrase “Monero wallet” in any search engine, odds are they will come across the Wallet-Monero website sooner or later. While this website may seem genuine and somewhat professional, it is evident the service is not endorsed by the Monero community in any official capacity. There are a few working wallet solutions for Monero right now, with Ledger and TREZOR support to follow in the next few months.

The list of “approved” Monero wallets contains no mention of Wallet-Monero. This goes to show the company has no honest intentions whatsoever, and the service should be avoided at all costs. Although it may seem like a genuine web wallet solution, the only service people should trust is MyMonero, which is the only official web wallet and is run by the XMR developers themselves. Any other service claiming to provide similar functionality is not legitimate until proven otherwise.

Moreover, it appears a scam called Wallet Monero has existed before. That site claimed to let users convert other cryptocurrencies to and from Monero and store them online. It is unclear whether the same administrator has revived the old scam with a new twist. Wallet-Monero’s layout and advertised features are very similar to those of the other site going by almost the same name.

While it is commendable to see Wallet-Monero refer to XMR as the “best cryptocurrency in the world”, it is doubtful this scam will attract a lot of attention. That can only be considered a good thing; otherwise, people might lose a lot of hard-earned money this way. This is neither the first nor the last Monero scam web wallet we will come across in the months to come. With the popularity of this private and fungible cryptocurrency on the rise, it is to be expected that certain individuals will attempt to capitalize on this momentum.

The Wallet-Monero website also claims that all rights are reserved by Monero. That is a very big red flag, considering that the Monero team has not officially endorsed this wallet nor are they involved in its development or maintenance. While the contact address listed on the website is the same as that found in the WHOIS information, it is doubtful there is anything legitimate about this project. Moreover, the website mentions there is 24/7 support, but the site’s template references opening hours of Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 7 PM. All of this is very odd, to say the least.

Last but not least, the domain name was registered about a week ago, which further indicates this platform should not be trusted. People looking for a proper Monero wallet will need to do their homework and avoid the multiple scams floating around on the Internet. Cryptocurrency is all about taking full control over one’s funds at all times and sacrificing a bit of convenience. That generally means that using exchanges or even web wallets should be out of the question from the start.

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Source: Wallet-Monero Is a New Website Attempting to Steal Your XMR

Wallet-Monero Is a New Website Attempting to Steal Your XMR | #VentureCanvas

JP Buntinx | The Merkel

TheMerkle wallet-Monero Scam

A lot of people have started paying attention to Monero as of late. This also means people are looking for proper wallets to store their XMR. Keeping funds on an exchange is absolutely not done in the world of cryptocurrency, as there is zero reason to do so. Unfortunately, not all Monero-themed wallets are legitimate either. Wallet-Monero, for example, is a pure scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Wallet-Monero is not an Official Project

When people enter the phrase “Monero wallet” in any search engine, odds are they will come across the Wallet-Monero website sooner or later. While this website may seem genuine and somewhat professional, it is evident the service is not endorsed by the Monero community in any official capacity. There are a few working wallet solutions for Monero right now, with Ledger and TREZOR support to follow in the next few months.

The list of “approved” Monero wallets contains no mention of Wallet-Monero. This goes to show the company has no honest intentions whatsoever, and the service should be avoided at all costs. Although it may seem like a genuine web wallet solution, the only service people should trust is MyMonero, which is the only official web wallet and is run by the XMR developers themselves. Any other service claiming to provide similar functionality is not legitimate until proven otherwise.

Moreover, it appears a scam called Wallet Monero has existed before. That site claimed to let users convert other cryptocurrencies to and from Monero and store them online. It is unclear whether the same administrator has revived the old scam with a new twist. Wallet-Monero’s layout and advertised features are very similar to those of the other site going by almost the same name.

While it is commendable to see Wallet-Monero refer to XMR as the “best cryptocurrency in the world”, it is doubtful this scam will attract a lot of attention. That can only be considered a good thing; otherwise, people might lose a lot of hard-earned money this way. This is neither the first nor the last Monero scam web wallet we will come across in the months to come. With the popularity of this private and fungible cryptocurrency on the rise, it is to be expected that certain individuals will attempt to capitalize on this momentum.

The Wallet-Monero website also claims that all rights are reserved by Monero. That is a very big red flag, considering that the Monero team has not officially endorsed this wallet nor are they involved in its development or maintenance. While the contact address listed on the website is the same as that found in the WHOIS information, it is doubtful there is anything legitimate about this project. Moreover, the website mentions there is 24/7 support, but the site’s template references opening hours of Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 7 PM. All of this is very odd, to say the least.

Last but not least, the domain name was registered about a week ago, which further indicates this platform should not be trusted. People looking for a proper Monero wallet will need to do their homework and avoid the multiple scams floating around on the Internet. Cryptocurrency is all about taking full control over one’s funds at all times and sacrificing a bit of convenience. That generally means that using exchanges or even web wallets should be out of the question from the start.

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Source: Wallet-Monero Is a New Website Attempting to Steal Your XMR

Legacy Bitcoin Steady, But Bitcoin Cash Roars Toward All-Time High | #VentureCanvas

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Legacy Bitcoin Steady, But Bitcoin Cash Roars Toward All-Time High

Investing, News | November 23, 2017</ br> By:

Bitcoin continues to hold above the $8,000 mark in single-coin prices on this US holiday, but the big news is Bitcoin Cash, which is up more than 20 percent in the last 24 hours and is zooming toward its all-time high. Bitcoin Cash is now above the $1,500 single-coin pricing level, aiming toward its $1,800 high-water mark.

Bitcoin market highlights for the 24 hours ending November 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time

The highest price seen was $8,279.00 on the GDAX exchange at 6:18 pm yesterday. GDAX saw $112,433,000 of bitcoin change hands.

The lowest price seen was $8,085.00 on Bitfinex’s exchange at 5:54 am today. Bitfinex’s 24 hour volume was $245,765,000.

The average price on the surveyed exchanges, as weighed by volume, was $8,187.53.

Volatility was lower than average, with the BlockTribune Volatility Index coming in at 38.2. A higher number indicates greater price volatility with 50 describing an average day.

These statistics were consolidated from 2 different exchanges. It includes only BTC/USD trades and only on those exchanges that had at least 1% of the total volume of BTC/USD trades during the measurement period. 

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Source: Legacy Bitcoin Steady, But Bitcoin Cash Roars Toward All-Time High

Net1 unit becomes an agent for bitcoin | #VentureCanvas

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Net1 said on Thursday its technology would be used to facilitate purchases on the largest bitcoin exchange in the EU.

After declining earlier in the week, Net1’s JSE-listed shares closed 14.2% higher at R151 on Thursday in light trading.

The company’s Masterpayment business has been made a payment service provider for Luxembourg-based Bitstamp, a global digital currency exchange for investors to trade bitcoin, litecoin, ether and ripple coins. Fonded in 2011, Bitstamp is one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges.

Bitstamp said in a statement that Masterpayment would process all credit-and debit-card purchases made on the platform, which accepts Visa and Mastercard transactions. “Not only does this mean faster and more convenient transactions for our customers, we have also been able to slash our [transaction] fees to 5%,” it said.

Bitstamp recently added cryptocurrency token ether to its trading platform, while it also announced a partnership with Swissquote to offer bitcoin trading on the online bank’s platform. “Partnerships with providers like Masterpayment allow Bitstamp to continue to meet the demands of a growing customer base as the industry becomes more mainstream,” it said on Thursday.

Masterpayment MD Christian Mangold said the company was “laying the foundation for a long-term partnership in the field of cryptocurrencies”.

Net1, which has a primary listing on the Nasdaq exchange and a secondary listing on the JSE, bought Masterpayment in 2016. Earlier in November, Net1 said its virtual-card technology would be used in India for “one of the world’s largest virtual-card programmes”.

Net1 said One MobiKwik Systems, an Indian mobile payments firm, had launched the virtual-card scheme in partnership with Visa and Mumbai-headquartered IDFC Bank, using its proprietary virtual-card technology.

In its home market, Net1 remains at the centre of a scandal relating to the distribution of social grants. A recent analysis of the group’s financial statements suggests that Net1 subsidiary Cash Paymaster Services may have understated earnings derived from the distribution contract, and that it may have failed to offer details of other Net1 subsidiaries that profited from the contract.

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Source: Net1 unit becomes an agent for bitcoin

Ethereum Price Hits $420, Opening the Door to $650 | #VentureCanvas

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Ethereum’s ether has surpassed the previous all-time high at $404.99 to reach $420 on November 23, opening the door to $651.62. The bullish trend follows on from Devcon three and the release of the code for Casper.

The daily chart below for the Kraken exchange displays the bullish run ether experienced during 2017. The Fibonacci tool is outlined for the rise from $5.92 toward the end of 2016 to the previous all-time high at $404.99 in June 2017, two important fractal levels. Following the rise above $400 for the first time, ETH-USD tested the Fibonacci supports at $252.55 and $158.36, before reversing higher, trading between $200-$400 and eventually breaking the $400 handle again on November 23.  

The Fibonacci extension level at $651.62 now serves as a target for buyers, with the break of the fractal resistance expected to lead to an influx of buyers. Therefore, we anticipate a drift toward $650 in the upcoming weeks, as the market continues the long-term uptrend. Selling pressure is expected around the 161.8 percent extension level, so we could either take profits from long positions triggered near $404.99 or set limit sell orders just below $651.62.


The monthly chart below shows how the Fibonacci levels are aligned with the most recent fractals, with November set to post the highest ever monthly close for ETH-USD. The price action on the Kraken exchange tested the 50 percent retracement level at $205.46 during July and now looks ready to continue toward $650.

The daily chart below for the Bitstamp exchange shows that more and more traders are entering the ether market and becoming interested in this cryptoasset. For instance, notice the volume has been increasing since the altcoin was added in August. Notice that November 23’s trading session saw the secondest highest volume since ether was added, suggesting the cryptoasset is building a base for further gains.

The chart below shows some medium-term resistances at $421.87, $471.86, and $502.76. Immediate support is found at $371.88.

The 4-hour chart indicates equilibrium for ether around $340-$350 at the time of writing, rising to around $380 during the trading sessions for November 27. We should look for the market to return to equilibrium and test the Ichimoku cloud as support to get in on the ongoing uptrend. The market has tested the $421.87 resistance, and a reversal looks to be forming, with the most recent candlestick displaying a long upper wick (suggesting buyers are weak at the time of writing).

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Source: Ethereum Price Hits $420, Opening the Door to $650

The current state of Bitcoin and Ethereum | #VentureCanvas

admin | Cryptinfo

While Bitcoin currently bears more resemblance to digital gold than digital cash — with its congested pending transactions log rendering it practically useless as a currency since the cancelled fork two weeks ago — the Ethereum network is looking healthier than ever and in a good position to come out of the ongoing currency war successful.

Bitcoin has been dominating both crypto and mainstream news lately, even more so than usual, with mad volatility due to its continuous fork drama and rumours of free money for anyone holding it. Bitcoin breaking new all-time highs almost on a daily basis certainly doesn’t do anything to decrease the attention.

With this one-sided media coverage, it’s no wonder no one outside the small crypto community knows that Ethereum is regularly handling around twice the daily transactions of Bitcoin, and more than most other leading cryptos combined, that Ethereum’s transfers are extremely fast compared to Bitcoin’s, or that its median transaction fees are nearly 59 times cheaper.

Some Bitcoin maximalists are calling the high transaction fees a feature. Some also say that the fact that BTC collects $1.5 million a day in fees, against ETH’s measly $200,000, is a clear indicator of real world value as it shows that people are willing to spend more money to get onto the BTC blockchain.

However, there is a difference in being willing to spend more money and being forced to. Lately, Bitcoin has lived up to its name as a great store of value, although not for the right reasons. Since the cancellation of Segwit2x, people have simply been unable to move their funds in or out. With a ridiculous number of transactions constantly waiting to be mined, you better be prepared to pay up if you want to get your transaction through in reasonable time.

In its current state, Bitcoin isn’t much more than a speculation vehicle, something to be bought and sold on exchanges (whose trades happen off-chain and therefore aren’t affected by the long confirmation times). Few people need to use it. There aren’t many companies building on it. It’s not even useable as payment anymore. But maybe it doesn’t have to be either. Maybe we should be looking at Bitcoin and other coins and tokens as an entirely new asset class, something we don’t fully understand the implications of yet.

While there are many other blockchains claiming to be able to supersede Ethereum on all of the above areas, with EOS being most vocal about it, personally I’m a bit tired of hearing about what all the projects out there could revolutionize some day.

The discussion should no longer just be about which blockchain can handle more transactions faster and cheaper, but also about which one is actually seeing the numbers required to prove its capabilities right now. There’s currently no other project competing with Ethereum when it comes to the sheer number of use cases, and developers and companies building cool stuff on top of it. Some of these teams will be building the new backend of the internet, nothing less.

After months of poking ETH with a stick it’s finally showing signs of life again.

If Metcalfe’s law and the high activity levels on the Ethereum platform can be used as any reference, the Ether price is currently heavily suppressed. Over the past week it has finally started to see some upwards movement though, moving from the safe haven that has been $300 for so long now, and just passed $400 at the time of writing.

Over the last few months, investors speculators have found comfort in the fact that price stability, consolidation, and steady long term gains are usually signs of strong fundamentals, however the past few days have regained confidence in the platform, bringing back the optimism from Ether’s last bull run back in May.

Considering that public Ethereum doesn’t have any major dapps live yet, it’s going to be interesting to see how the network scales with the increase in transactions that will come as more and more applications launch in 2018 — especially if traffic really starts picking up before Casper and other scaling measures get implemented. Right now though, the beloved and hated ICO is still arguably Ethereum’s killer app and ETH’s value is, just like BTC’s, purely a speculative one.

Disclosure: I own some Bitcoin and Ether.

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Source: The current state of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum Price Hits New High as Billionaire Predicts 25% Surge In the Next Month | #VentureCanvas

admin | Cryptinfo

The Ethereum price broke $400 for only the second time in its history on Thursday, setting a new all time high early on Thanksgiving morning in the U.S.

A rival cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, Ethereum rose as high as about $425 Thursday, a gain of more than 16% in a 24-hour period. Until then, the Ethereum price had for months hovered below its previous peak in June, when it had briefly surpassed $400 for the first time.

The surge came as the billionaire cryptocurrency investor Mike Novogratz, a former hedge fund manager on Wall Street, reversed his bearish prediction on Ethereum. In June, shortly after Ethereum first hit $400, Novogratz had sold much of the cryptocurrency he owned, saying “I think we may have put the highs in for the year in Ethereum, and you’re going to slowly consolidate.”

Novogratz’s call turned out to be prescient, and the Ethereum price did not revisit its earlier highs—that is, until this week, when the influential investor suddenly turned bullish again.

“Just in the last few days Ethereum has started to move, and I actually think it’s going to put a new high soon,” Novogratz said in an interview on Bloomberg TV Tuesday. It took less than 48 hours for the Ethereum price to prove Novogratz right again.

“I think we end the year at close to $500 in Ethereum,” he predicted, adding that the Bitcoin price, which reached as high as $8,300 this week, would hit $10,000 before 2017 comes to a close. “There’s a lot of positive things happening in the Ethereum ecosystem,” added Novogratz, who has recently begun raising money for his new cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund.

The Ethereum price has already risen more than 50 times this year. To reach $500 before 2017 is out, Ethereum would need to rise another 25% from the $400 mark where it was trading early Thursday morning—all in a little more than a month.

Fueling the rally is increasing business interest in the Ethereum blockchain, which can be used to build applications with uses beyond digital currencies. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (hpe), for one, recently demonstrated an application using the Ethereum protocol to power iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner.

This article is part of Fortune’s new initiative, The Ledger, a trusted news source at the intersection of tech and finance. Click here for more on The Ledger.

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Source: Ethereum Price Hits New High as Billionaire Predicts 25% Surge In the Next Month

SophiaTX Integrates Blockchain Technology With SAP | #VentureCanvas

Giulio Prisco | Bitcoin Magazine

In September, SophiaTX announced the first open-source platform to primarily integrate blockchain technology with SAP software, used by 87 percent of global businesses and 98 percent of the top 100 most-valued brands.

“To advance blockchain into business operations, the blockchain must integrate with ERP [enterprise resource planning] and other enterprise applications such as SAP,” notes the SophiaTX white paper. “This sector has been relatively untouched until recently when Equidato Technologies AG [SophiaTX’s parent company] announced their first project, SophiaTX, an open source blockchain platform and marketplace designed for businesses of all sizes.”

The integration of blockchain technology with ERP, CRM (customer relationship management) and SCM (supply chain management) business software is certainly a hot topic pursued by major vendors and blockchain-oriented solution developers. In May, SAP itself launched its innovation system, dubbed SAP Leonardo, focused on next-generation technologies, with an SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service targeted at all industries, including but not limited to popular use cases in financial services and supply chains. SAP’s blockchain technology platform allows customers and developers to build blockchain extensions for existing applications and integrate SAP solutions in the blockchain ecosystem. Embedded in the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP’s blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) pilot allows customers to experiment with the technology.

SAP is also envisaging the integration of blockchain technology with other next-generation technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). In September, SAP announced a blockchain co-innovation initiative and plans to make blockchain technology an integrated part of IoT, manufacturing and digital supply chain solutions using its Cloud Platform Blockchain service.

“Prior to defining the strategy and approach for SophiaTX, we assessed the technological capabilities of other blockchains to ensure we were truly adding value,” Jaroslav Kacina, CEO of Equidato and SophiaTX,  told Bitcoin Magazine. “We wanted to create a product that will not only be suitable for business but also provide superior functionality and features. We found that very few of the existing blockchains are focused on business and enterprise applications, and we couldn’t identify any that would be suitable for business from compliance, security and architecture perspective.”

Kacina explained that Ethereum, for example, is probably the most dominant platform for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and token generation events (TGEs), but in his view, Ethereum’s use of proof of work makes it inappropriate for providing secure, holistic, high-performance blockchain solutions.

“On the other hand, SAP’s own Leonardo initiative, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), is shaped as a private solution and therefore tends to be relatively expensive for smaller businesses, as well as less transparent, since it is cloud based,” Kacina added. “We designed SophiaTX with business use in mind so it is compliant, secure and public, therefore allowing businesses and customers across entire the value chain to join and adopt the use of the platform.”

Based on the same proprietary technology as the DECENT blockchain, SophiaTX was created by Equidato Technologies AG, a joint venture between DECENT on the technology side and the Venaco Group bringing its experience in enterprise applications for business to the project.

“We have decided to use DECENT technology due to the fact that DECENT uses DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) which is faster than Proof of Work used by Ethereum and Bitcoin,” Kacina explained. “We needed a platform which is suitable as a starting point to create additional features to make it compliant, secure and relevant for business. And also, having access to [the] DECENT team’s capabilities allows us to bring [the] product to market in [an] accelerated fashion. The ‘hard fork’ was created as a copy of the DECENT’s main net and installed as a proprietary solution for SophiaTX.”

A proof of concept (PoC), recently demonstrated to a select group of attendees in Zurich, shows how businesses can use blockchain technology to transparently and reliably exchange information between their enterprise systems in real time, with a customer invoice directly created in one SAP system automatically transferred via the SophaTX testnet to another company using a different SAP system.

SophiaTX wants to be a cross-industry platform allowing both vertical and horizontal integrations for businesses of all sizes. “At the initiation of this project, we analyzed all standard modules of typical ERP systems (SAP) across finance, procurement, logistics, sales, manufacturing and others, and we have identified over 15 specific use cases within several industries,” Kacina told Bitcoin Magazine.

“It became apparent to us that, in order to adopt blockchain [technology] into various industries and connect to the enterprise applications, we needed to provide common building blocks across all modules of ERP, SCM and CRM systems. This led us to the concept of establishing a platform, as a key infrastructure for peer-to-peer smart transactions, prior to building industry specific solutions.”

Kacina explained that different types of cross-industry scenarios have been worked out. For example, one-to-one document exchange could be used by any industry needing to acknowledge the transaction of invoices, purchase orders, delivery notices and other documents, while multiparty-information exchange is especially relevant for projects or systems with multiple vendors, contractors or collaborating firms. As an industry-specific example, SophiaTX wants to enable a “track and trace” solution across value chains, allowing supply chain transparency and security, which is considered as being of particular interest to the food, pharmaceutical and luxury markets.

The proprietary SophiaTX token, SPHTX, will fuel the SophiaTX blockchain. The SophiaTX token sale will last for 10 days with a hard cap of 115,000 ETH and fund the development, marketing and ongoing management of the project and the overall SophiaTX platform. Kacina explained that the token will grant rights to use and transact using the platform, thus rewarding miners validating transactions and blocks on the chain.

The SPHTX token will also allow access to the development platform and facilitate the licensing for private blockchains. Finally, the SPHTX token will permit using the marketplace, a web-based entry point for customers and solution developers, which will feature an App Store and a Dev Store.

“The SophiaTX marketplace will be used by both industrial companies and a global community of experts, consultants and developers,” Kacina told Bitcoin Magazine. “It will be specifically designed to not only share applications and assets, but also to exchange know-how, process maps and blueprints, integration strategies, and to offer professional consulting services to encourage accelerated adoption and use of the platform. A developer, for example, could publish an app in the marketplace which would be accessible to businesses, as well as the end-user community, [that] use applications that integrate with their existing systems. Developers are rewarded when their application is downloaded and deployed.”

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Source: SophiaTX Integrates Blockchain Technology With SAP

Bank Negara Malaysia Will Introduce Crypto Regulation in Early 2018 | #VentureCanvas

JP Buntinx | The Merkel

TheMerkle Bank Negara Malaysia Regulation

Governments around the world are actively looking for ways to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That is much easier said than done, as there is no real way to control Bitcoin and altcoins. Governments do not control the issuance, creation, or flow of money in this industry. Over in Malaysia, we may see a firm form of cryptocurrency regulation in place as early as next year. It is unclear what exactly that will entail, though.

Malaysia Prepares for Active Cryptocurrency Regulation

It was to be expected that Bank Negara Malaysia would introduce cryptocurrency regulation. After all, the institution has been actively discussing this topic for quite some time now. It was expected it would introduce regulation this year, but this time frame has been pushed back to early 2018. That can only be considered a good thing, mind you, as we need governments to take their time before making any decisions when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

A representative of Bank Negara Malaysia has indicated this regulation will go into effect very soon. It appears people who convert cryptocurrency into fiat currencies will be considered reporting institutions. This means these individuals will be subject to the country’s Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing, and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act of 2001. It is quite the mouthful, but it basically means that converting Bitcoin or altcoins to fiat will put individuals and companies on par with regular banks.

This doesn’t mean cryptocurrencies are suddenly considered legal tender in Malaysia, though. Anyone using crypto will need to adhere to the strict guidelines affecting banks and other financial institutions. This should help prevent criminals from abusing the cryptocurrency ecosystem and deter people from committing unlawful activities involving Bitcoin. Furthermore, it protects the stability and integrity of Malaysia’s financial system as we know it today. That’s an ambitious goal, to say the very least.

It is certainly true that Bank Negara Malaysia believes the era of cryptocurrencies has arrived. That in itself is a positive sign, as they will bring a lot of innovation to the financial sector as a whole. Ignoring this new wave of innovative technology in the financial sector would be a grave mistake. It is good to see the Malaysian government keeping a somewhat open mind to this particular form of money. Whether or not its regulatory framework will please local exchanges remains to be seen, though.

So far, there is still no evidence of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies playing a role of importance when it comes to financing terrorism. While a total of 346 suspicious transaction reports have been reported throughout 2017 so far, none of them appear related to cryptocurrency in any capacity. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone at this point, though, as Bitcoin is far too transparent when it comes to financing illegal activities. The currencies which do hide all traces can’t be effectively tracked either.

It will be interesting to see if other countries follow Malaysia’s example in the coming years. Regulating cryptocurrency is, by default, impossible. All that can be regulated are the companies and service providers facilitating conversion services to and from fiat currency. This new framework will apply to them first and foremost, with most regular consumers remaining safe from harm in this regard. An interesting future awaits Bitcoin in Malaysia; that much is evident.

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Source: Bank Negara Malaysia Will Introduce Crypto Regulation in Early 2018

Sacramento Regional Transit Hackers Demand $8K Bitcoin Ransom | #VentureCanvas

admin | Cryptinfo

It has been a while since we last heard anything about hackers demanding a Bitcoin ransom. In Sacramento, hackers have successfully attacked the public transit system and are now demanding a US$8,000 ransom to be paid in Bitcoin. Whether or not SacRT will honor their demand remains highly unlikely at this point. It is never in anyone’s best interest to meet hackers’ demands, especially when it comes to Bitcoin.

Another Hacking Attempt to Obtain Bitcoin

If there is one trend we have seen emerge over the past few months, it is how criminals tend to disrupt public services in an effort to obtain payment. Usually, the ransom must be paid in Bitcoin, which gives the world’s leading cryptocurrency a bad name. The big question is whether or not SacRT will comply with this demand, though. It would certainly not be in the agency’s best interest to simply cough up the money.

This debacle unfolded earlier this week. Unknown assailants targeted the Sacramento Regional Transit system infrastructure. Not only did they erase critical data, but they also threatened to do even more harm unless their demand was met. Forcing SacRT to pay US$8,000 in Bitcoin – which isn’t even one full BTC at current prices – is not necessarily something that will go over all that well.

This attack erased parts of computer programs which affect the internal operations of Sacramento Regional Transit. It is unclear how the hackers gained access to these systems or obtained the necessary privileges to cause so much harm. One logical explanation is that this may have been an inside job, although it seems highly unlikely that such people would be satisfied with US$8,000 worth of Bitcoin. Anyone holding a grudge would surely ask for at least a quarter million dollars.

As a result of the hack, staffers are currently unable to dispatch employees and assign buses to routes. This creates a major problem for the day-to-day operations of SacRT. Resolving this problem is the top priority, but for now, it seems the agency is looking for ways to do so without paying the ransom. So far, it seems no data has been stolen, which makes this hacking attempt seem a lot less professional than what people expected at first.

So far, no major bus and rail operations have been impacted by the hack either. It seems someone successfully infiltrated the systems of SacRT but failed to do any major damage. This means there is no reason to pay the Bitcoin ransom, although it remains to be seen how everything will play out. The agency has shut down its credit card payment processing system until the matter is resolved.

The bigger question is why anyone would attack SacRT and not do any damage in the process. While it is good to see that no real damage has been done, it also makes one wonder how the criminals were able to access these critical systems in the first place. It seems that is a far more trivial matter than actually disrupting public services throughout Sacramento. This will be an interesting story to keep an eye on over the coming weeks and months.

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Source: Sacramento Regional Transit Hackers Demand $8K Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin and Blockchain Roundup for November 23, 2017

Bitcoin and Blockchain News Roundup For The Day

News on Bitcoin and Blockchain found around the web, curated for you from various sources. Happy reading!

Bitcoin & Blockchain News

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  • This Gold Fund Is Joining the Bitcoin Frenzy
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  • Top Wall Street Analysts Set New Bitcoin Price Targets Above $10000
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Coin Journal

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  • Theta Labs Unveils P2P Video Delivery Network Powered by Blockchain
    by Diana Ngo on 2017-11-21 at 17:44US-based startup Theta Labs is building a peer-to-peer video delivery network which uses a native blockchain and its own cryptocurrency to reward users who cache and relay video streams to others. By offering a decentralized alternative with an incentive mechanism, Theta Labs says it aims to address the current issues in the video content and […] This post Theta Labs Unveils P2P Video […]

  • Orchid Labs Unveils Open Source Protocol to Fight Internet Surveillance and Censorship
    by Diana Ngo on 2017-11-21 at 07:22Orchid Labs, a company headquartered in San Francisco, has launched the private alpha version of its blockchain-based Orchid network, which is said to allow users to access the Internet free of censorship, restrictions and surveillance. The Orchid Protocol uses an overlay network built upon the existing Internet, which incentivizes people with unused bandwidth to share […] This post Orchid […]

  • China’s Bitcoin Miners are Considering Relocating to Russia, the US, and Thailand
    by Joseph Young on 2017-11-20 at 23:19With rumors surrounding the possibility of a nationwide ban on bitcoin mining, Chinese bitcoin miners and mining pool operators have started to consider relocating to other regions with cheap electricity. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Chinese miner Cui stated: “Many of us have already paid visit to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Russia […] This post China’s […]

Coin Desk

Bitcoin Warrior

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  • Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition
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  • Experts Meet in Addis Ababa to Discuss Blockchain Technology in Africa
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  • Hacker Breaches Sacramento Transit System, Demands One Bitcoin Ransom
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  • Max Keiser: BTC to $100,000
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Bitcoin Magazine

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  • Bitcoin Exchange Globitex Granted European Electronic Money License
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  • This Bitcoin Developer Is About to Take on the Mining Hardware Industry
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  • Goodbye Bugs? How Formal Verification Could Fortify Smart Contracts
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  • Zen Protocol’s Mission for Decentralized Finance
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  • Spectiv VR Video StreamingPlatform Launch – Pre-ICO December 8th
    by Guest on 2017-11-22 at 18:30Today marks the alpha launch of the community-driven VR streaming platform, Spectiv VR! Check it out here: Spectiv VR Alpha 1.0 The Spectiv VR Alpha 1.0 supports VR content viewing, uploading, and account management. Partnered content creators are currently in the process of uploading over 1000 unique VR experiences to be enjoyed on the Spectiv platform. Among these creators, […]

  • South Korean Bank ATMs Will Soon Receive Bitcoin Support
    by JP Buntinx on 2017-11-22 at 17:00Bringing Bitcoin to the masses is not as easy as most of us would like. Especially when it comes to allowing consumers to buy cryptocurrency, there is still a lot of work to be done. Thanks to a new partnership between Nautilus Hyosung and Just Cash, a lot of regular ATMs may soon receive Bitcoin support. It’s an interesting option worth exploring, as mainstream consumers still remain on […]

  • Freewallet Releases The First Bitcoin Gold Wallet
    by Guest on 2017-11-22 at 16:30Freewallet, a developer of more than 20 cryptowallet apps for a variety of coins and tokens, has launched the world-first dedicated Bitcoin Gold Wallet. Freewallet was one of the first wallet developers to announce full support for Bitcoin Gold, a new coin that emerged as a result of the community-driven fork at block 491407 on the Bitcoin blockchain. After the successful Bitcoin Gold network […]

  • is Creating a New Economic Model for the Auto Industry Using Blockchain Technology
    by Guest on 2017-11-22 at 15:30Moscow, Russia: USERVICE BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM – new global decentralized transparent system that is built on the platform of one of the leading auto service aggregator which has assembled more than 10,000 auto repair centers across Eastern Europe on its platform. The goal of this new project USERVICE is to join on one platform all processes related to the auto industry, starting […]


  • Blockchain-Based Video Sharing Platform Flixxo Announces Partnership with Distributed Computing Network
    by Cynthia Turcotte on 2017-11-23 at 02:00Furthering their goal to provide a completely decentralized platform for uploading and sharing videos, Flixxo has announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with, a decentralized network and marketplace for cloud computing. Flixxo and – Taking Live Video Streaming and Content Distribution to the Next Level The video content distribution market has already […]

  • Surpasses its Soft Cap Target in First Days of Pre-ICO
    by on 2017-11-23 at 01:30Zug, Switzerland, November 22, 2017 – One of the year’s most anticipated ICO’s, announces that less than 1 week into their PRE-ICO they have surpassed their soft cap of $5M. Net of all fiat & Ethereum deposits, has raised $7,055,267 and 6,825,200 Trade Tokens.  [Note: This is a press release.] Surpassing their soft cap enables to execute on a multitude […]

  • Survivalists Are Storing Bitcoin Instead of Gold
    by Julio Gil-Pulgar on 2017-11-22 at 21:30Bitcoin continues to fascinate different segments of society. Bitcoin’s resiliency and unique inherent features are now increasingly appealing to those concerned with surviving a nuclear meltdown, an asteroid impact, an economic apocalypse, or any other dire disaster. Concurrently, the survivalists or preppers’ market is expanding exponentially. Bitcoin Better than Gold in a Nuclear […]

  • Halong’s DragonMint Bitcoin Miner Set To Shatter Bitmains Mining Monopoly
    by Matthew Tompkins on 2017-11-22 at 17:00The announced Halong DragonMint Bitcoin Miner is set to rock the Bitcoin mining scene with its high spec and price, putting it in direct competition with the market leaders Bitmain with their Antminer hardware. The Halong Mining announcement today focused on their DragonMint miner series, with their flagship model set to be the DragonMint 16T. The unit’s ambitious price and specs […]

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  • Bitcoin – the Mother of All Pyramids?
    by Prof. Patrick Schueffel on 2017-11-20 at 04:09Some people call Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme. I tend to disagree as I do not believe that the inventors of Bitcoin intended to operate a fraudulent investment operation. But Bitcoin The post Bitcoin – the Mother of All Pyramids? appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH. […]

  • Wenn Blockchains Die Filmindustrie Beflügeln
    by Company Announcement on 2017-11-13 at 07:32Award gekröntes eMovie Venture Filmprojekt feiert Weltpremiere in Hollywood. Drei Awards konnte der erste Ethereum-finanzierte Film bereits gewinnen, die letzten beiden sogar in Hollywood. Nun ist das Pilotprojekt der eMovie The post Wenn Blockchains Die Filmindustrie Beflügeln appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH. […]

  • Handelsregisteramt Zug Akzeptiert Kryptowährungen Bitcoin Und Ether Als Zahlungsmittel
    by Company Announcement on 2017-11-03 at 02:15Ab dem 2. November 2017 können Gebühren beim Handelsregisteramt Zug mit den Kryptowährungen Bitcoin und Ether bezahlt werden. Möglich wird dies durch eine Zusammenarbeit mit der Bitcoin Suisse AG. Die Bezahlung The post Handelsregisteramt Zug Akzeptiert Kryptowährungen Bitcoin Und Ether Als Zahlungsmittel appeared first on Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – […]


  • Russia is all set to build crypto mining city in Siberia
    by David on 2017-11-22 at 10:03Russia may soon build a city in Siberia with mining resources to help people earn income via mining. The Bitcoin City will be in Siberia or the Far East and not far from a large hydroelectric power station in the area. The business hub could, in future, become a tourist attraction. And attract oversees investors, … Read Article Read More The post Russia is all set to build crypto mining […]

  • JPMorgan could allow clients to trade CME’s bitcoin futures
    by David on 2017-11-22 at 09:56JPMorgan Chase is considering whether to allow its clients to trade CME’s new bitcoin futures product through its futures-brokerage unit, said a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday November 21. The source said JPMorgan was investigating whether there is demand among its customers for the proposed CME bitcoin contract. The controversy and the interest It … Read Article Read More […]

  • Bitstamp Announced Trading Of Bitcoin Cash
    by Sara Noah on 2017-11-22 at 09:34Bitstamp is a one of the Europe’s biggest Bitcoin marketplace enabling the users globally to buy and sell Bitcoins. It has recently announced to start its trading on Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of Bitcoin occurred on August 1, 2017. Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodric said “We get requests from our users who want to trade … Read Article Read More The post Bitstamp Announced Trading Of […]

  • $30 million worth Tether tokens hacked
    by Qadir AK on 2017-11-22 at 07:48An attacker has reportedly hacked Tether, a dollar-pegged cryptocurrency that is commonly used in the market exchange, and stolen $30 million worth of tokens. Tether reported this on the website yesterday, claiming that the amount, exactly $30,950,010 USDT, had been stolen on November 19 and terming it as a critical announcement. The attacker stole the … Read Article Read More The post […]

  • India’s largest bank to launch blockchain projects next month
    by Qadir AK on 2017-11-22 at 05:55The State Bank of India, the largest bank in India with $460 billion of assets, announced Monday November 20 that it will launch two blockchain production-ready beta solutions next month. It is yet another indication that banks are welcoming blockchain tech. It intends as a solution to some of the problems experienced in the financial … Read Article Read More The post India’s […]

  • CME Group to launch bitcoin futures contract by end of this year
    by Sara Noah on 2017-11-21 at 11:28CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives marketplace, has officially announced Tuesday, that its Bitcoin Futures Contract will be starting on December 10. Still, the regulatory review of the contract is pending, but a recent update from CME Group said that, “Effective Sunday 10 December 2017 for trade date Monday 11 December 2017, and pending all … Read Article Read More […]

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  • How Blockchain Technology can Improve Reporting
    on 2017-11-21 at 20:32Although blockchain technology is still closely associated with Bitcoin this past summer s surge in initial coin offering ICO investment showed the true potential of the blockchain for other forms of cryptocurrency and uses beyond Bitcoin Beyond Bitcoin At […]

  • How Blockchains Can Influence the Influencers
    on 2017-11-21 at 18:33Advertisers are turning toward influencer marketing more than ever before to reach online audiences with whom it is difficult to engage through conventional digital advertising Yet influencer marketing suffers from significant challenges and connecting advertisers […]

  • UPS Steers Into Blockchain Trucking Alliance
    on 2017-11-20 at 22:07Since the concept of blockchain technology was first released in 2009 as the technology fabric supporting Bitcoin numerous applications have been continually built on top of the infrastructure The blockchain s wide adoption as an alternative application for legacy […]

  • Mastercard Moves Toward Fast Blockchain Payments
    on 2017-11-20 at 20:07On October 20 2017 Mastercard announced that developers would be able to access its blockchain technology platform via its Mastercard blockchain API published on Mastercard Developers The new service was launched during the Money20 20 […]

  • IBM Partners with the CDC to Bring Blockchains to Public Health
    on 2017-11-16 at 19:04In Watson Health s panel discussion at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York IBM s Chief Science Officer Shahram Ebadollahi announced that IBM Watson Health has signed an agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC to explor […]


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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference – Thanksgiving Bonus Boxes for the Next 100 Ticket Sales | #VentureCanvas

Mark | The Merkel

bitcoin super conference

DALLAS, TX – The next 100 people who register for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference will get not only a $170 discount on their tickets but also a complimentary “Thanksgiving Bonus Box”. Inside each box is: a Super Conference t-shirt; a physical bitcoin, a printed copy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper; a signed copy of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain: Surprising Insights from 200+ Podcast Interviews of Industry Insiders; and a Bitcoin coffee mug.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference, organized by Richard Jacobs, brings together more than fifty of the most respected players in the blockchain industry. Confirmed speakers include John McAfee, creator of McAfee (the world’s first commercial antivirus software), Tim Draper, the Billionaire venture capitalist, Erik Voorhees, who was featured in the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin, Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, and dozens of other developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and respected thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space.

“You think Bitcoin going from $1,000 to more than $8,000 in just one year is crazy?”, asked Mr. Jacobs. “Just you wait until you see what’s coming in 2018. You haven’t seen anything yet. We’re standing on the threshold of the most exciting technological revolution in living memory. This three-day conference is going to show private investors and crypto enthusiasts where the smart money is, so they get in now before these opportunities “go public” and explode the way Bitcoin did this year.”

The Super Conference covers three days. In addition to the main conference itself, there is also an additional “beginners track” for those who are new to cryptocurrency to get up to speed quickly on how the industry works. There will also be a complimentary hackathon for kids, teens, and young adults, providing them with the perfect opportunity to get their hands dirty with blockchain technology.

The main conference will feature more than 50 headline speakers, whose talks will all converge around the following theme: how can regular, Average-Joe investors get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and reap outlandish profits when blockchain technology enters the mainstream in 2018?

Registration for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference is still open. Tickets normally cost $797. However, those who secure their spot before Saturday November 25th get a $170 discount, as well as a complimentary Thanksgiving Bonus Box – but only while stocks last.

Ready to reserve your spot? Purchase your tickets over here:

Want to learn more about the conference? Join the free notification list over here:


Press contact:

Richard Jacobs

(888) 984-0070

About the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference:

This three-day conference will be held at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th, 2018. We are expecting more than 800 attendees, at least 50 headline speakers, and upward of 50 exhibitors – with talks from founders, developers, and early-stage investors of blockchain startups, including many that are planning ICOs throughout 2018.

This is a sponsored post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by any of The Merkle’s employees. This is not trading or investment advice; always conduct your own independent research.

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