Hello! Welcome to VentureCanvas!

Our goal here at VenureCanvas is to provide you with high quality curated content on many aspects, mostly financial, of entrepreneurship. We will be presenting posts on topics like Startups, Seed Funding, Venture Capital, IPO’s, Unicorns and Exits and Buy Outs.

We will curate content from a wide variety of sources, not only American and European, though it will be in the English language.

You will therefore find well known sources such as the New York Times, Inc., Entrepreneur and the Wall Street Journal, but also less known websites, blogs and newspapers.

What’s in it for you? Hopefully you will find it most convenient to have one source on entrepreneurship with a broad coverage.

Next to our curated content, there will also be, on a regular basis, created content, mostly on Entrepreneurship, Start Up and Sales.

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Happy reading!