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Investing in Royal Mint Gold (RMG)

Charles Bovaird | Bitcoin Market Journal Stablecoins have become increasingly popular in recent months, with the promise of a cryptocurrency that won’t fluctuate as significantly as bitcoin and most major altcoins. Some major stablecoin projects have looked to gold as […]

ICO - The initial concept of coin placement

Translation Service – ICO Review

Rob Montepeluso | Bitcoin Market Journal The Translation Service project’s idea is to connect translators to customers and facilitate transactions made between them via smart contracts built on the Ethereum Network. The post Translation Service – ICO Review appeared first […]

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Geeba ICO

Wendy Grieco | Bitcoin Market Journal Geeba is a decentralized delivery ecosystem that enables businesses to make deliveries with autonomous vehicles and smart hubs. The post Geeba ICO appeared first on Bitcoin Market Journal. Continue reading … Source: Geeba ICO […]

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Investing Around Deflation In Blockchain

Eric Reed | Bitcoin Market Journal Bitcoin has a deflation problem, but first, let’s talk about Satoshi Nakamoto’s buried treasure. When Bitcoin’s anonymous creator launched his project, he mined approximately 1 million tokens for himself. Those coins have sat ever […]

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ICO Best Practices 2019

Eric Reed | Bitcoin Market Journal Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become a billion-dollar business model. They offer a fast onramp into the market for fledgling companies, with a route to investor capital that can move at the speed of […]

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Top AI Blockchain Projects, Rated and Reviewed

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal There are a number of entrepreneurs who believe that blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are a match made in heaven that has the potential to disrupt industries in a never-before-seen manner. Here are the […]


How to Buy Bitmain Stock

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal The bitcoin mining giant Bitmain announced last month that it plans to go public. The IPO would make Bitmain the largest publicly-traded bitcoin company in the world and is expected to take place in […]

Cash, Watch and Crypto Coins

Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of All Time

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal Early adopters of bitcoin and altcoins have witnessed tremendous ROIs on their holdings. For example, when bitcoin was first launched in 2009, it was effectively worthless. Today one coin is worth over $6,000. This […]


Best Bitcoin Trading Bots, Rated and Reviewed 2019

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal Bitcoin trading bots allow investors to execute automated trading strategies based on pre-set parameters to take emotions out of the investing equation. These algorithmic trading programs – which have been traditionally used by hedge […]

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Is Bitcoin a Commodity or a Stock?

Eric Reed | Bitcoin Market Journal What is a bitcoin? Regular readers of this space, likely at least conversationally informed on the details of cryptocurrency, will probably have an easy answer. “It’s a decentralized currency,” perhaps, or the most detailed […]

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Bitcoin Regulations by Country (Updated 2018)

Frederick Reese | Bitcoin Market Journal Why do bitcoin regulations matter?  Here’s a real-life example that sheds some light. Upon returning home from a vacation in Cuba, a British citizen named Elliott Smith learned that his Coinbase account was closed. Coinbase, an […]

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Best Bitcoin Apps 2018

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal There are hundreds of bitcoin apps on the Apple Store and on Google Play, but their quality and usefulness vary greatly. So that you won’t waste any time with bitcoin apps that add no […]

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The Cost to Get Listed on a Crypto Exchange

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal Currently, there are over 1,900 digital currencies and tokens that can be bought and sold in the cryptocurrency markets. However, not all tokens can be traded on reputable exchanges. Many tokens, especially those from […]

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Best ERC20 Tokens, Rated and Reviewed for 2018

Alex Lielacher | Bitcoin Market Journal There are currently around 500 ERC20 tokens that have been issued by blockchain startups who utilized the Ethereum blockchain to create their own token projects. Some of these tokens have outperformed the market and […]