Blockchain Telecommunications Crypto Phone

Blockchain Telecommunications: The New Era of Crypto Phones

David Hamilton | CoinCentral Crypto users could soon be enjoying more hardware choices. Multiple smartphone manufacturers announced plans to integrate blockchain technology into their products in the coming months. Blockchain telecommunications is taking crypto users to the next level with integrated decentralized […]

Blockchain Digital Advertising

Blockchain, Digital Advertising, and the Great Escape

Willton Thornburg | CoinCentral Blockchain in media and entertainment potentially changes the nature of digital advertising, but how can blockchain be applied to digital advertising, media, and entertainment? First, let’s debunk a common myth about marketing and advertising: that they’re […]

Anonymous Bitcoin User?

Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous, and That’s Ok.

Marshall Taylor | CoinCentral For most people who have found themselves deep into this topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there was likely a moment or series of moments where the idea of blockchain clicked. Your understanding of it brought on […]

Key Pair in Cryptography

Cryptography: A Brief History from Symmetry to Bitcoin

Wilton Thornburg | CoinCentral Introduction to Cryptography “There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known. Nothing you can see that isn’t shown. All you need is…PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY!!!” – with apologies to Lennon-McCartney         16th-century French cipher machine in […]

GPU Mining for Bitcoin

The Best GPUs for Mining Bitcoin – 2018 Edition

David Hamilton | CoinCentral Cryptocurrency mining has gotten more competitive over the last five years and as cryptocurrencies have seen enormous gains, this has fueled a race for more efficient means of mining. While huge mining facilities with ample budgets […]

Faded Smartphone in Hand

Is Mobile Mining Profitable?

Delton Rhodes | CoinCentral Typically, when people think of mining, the first thing that comes to mind is expensive hardware that can costs upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. For those looking to cut costs, it is now possible […]


Beginners Guide: What is Bitcoin?

Alex Moskov | CoinCentral The Bitcoin world is abuzz with both excitement and curiosity… and the opportunity for upside potential to skyrocket. Everyone from everyday Joes to reputable experts are betting on Bitcoin’s success. It’s been a wild 8 years […]